Step Aside Google: Qwant Is A Secure Beauty

November 27, 2016
Security & Privacy

How on earth did Qwant manage to combine security with the most convenient user experience ever seen on a search engine?

No, Qwant won’t reinvent the wheel here, Why doing so, if you could use existing technology. We seem to agree anyways, that Google might have the best algorithm out there, don’t we?

Nevertheless, Qwants’ “crawlers relentlessly visit the global Web to refine” their results. Let’s see, what they will do to improve the future search experience of Qwant.

Alternative Search-Engines

So, not only Google but many other services like Amazon, Flickr, Facebook or Twitter can be used for searching.


Instead, Qwant does concentrate on safety and won’t track users. Even more promising sounds the vow of “no filter bubble”.

Lastly being a French service with servers located there does help too on nurturing trust and confidence in a secure approach of this search engine.

Essential Parts

Multiple Result Categories

If you want to see web results only, feel free to choose this Qwant-Option to your liking. But, what I learned to love is the option to see how my search is reflected in international news or in social media.

Qwant Search-Engine Categories

Even Music is included in the searches and using this category means listening to your favorite songs without leaving Qwant. You didn’t expect a great user experience doing this? Prepare for s big surprise.

Qwant Music-Player

Real World use with Safari

Well, as we all know, Safari is a little picky about using search engines as standard. Don’t fret dear friend, the Qwant extension comes to the rescue.

Qwant Safari Extension


Soon, after finding out about Qwant, I immediately decided to give it a shot — and no piece of regret.

My perception is, that Qwant is even more to the point than Google in a lot of casual but as well very specific technical queries.

Lastly, I feel a light wind of relieve on not using Google directly — at least for searching the web.

Particularly I like Qwant being the one stop shop for web-search but also includes a convenient place for bookmarks and notes.

Qwant is a pleasure to use, so thank you,!

Happy digging, dear friends!

Please feel free to comment and connect with me in any way you like, and I will be more than glad to help.

Jochen Burkhard

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