Why Apple Music Is Indispensable For Me

September 24, 2016
Tips & Tricks

The precious gold-nuggets Apple hides so well and how to find them

When was the last time you found something that immediately became invaluable for you?

Join me on that treasure hunt. It will pay off in only 5 minutes, promised!

Apple Music not only recently gained fame, ahem, blame I mean, for having one of the most confusing and cluttered interfaces in his own history. The search even adds up to this mess. In fact, the search is so bad, I was forced to create an additional list of links to access my loved playlists.

As a huge fan of anything related to Sherlock Holmes and crime audiobooks, I’m on a quest for quite some time now. How could I listen to an audiobook any other day without spending too much of my hard earned bucks?

Since I’m a somewhat happy subscriber, I thought it might be worth to try Apple Music to hunt them down.

I know you want to lean more here. (Medium.com)

Jochen Burkhard

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